Anita Takwale | Expert Dermatologist | Stratum Dermatology Clinic Cheltenham

Dr Anita Takwale.


Qualifications: MBBS, MD, MRCP, Surgery Fellowship

GMC 4506263

Dr Anita Takwale has been a Consultant Dermatologist within Gloucestershire’s NHS hospitals since 2008. She is currently the Clinical Lead for the Dermatology department and the President of the British Hair and Nail Society. The British Hair and Nail Society website has lots of great information on hair loss if you would like to find out more about the condition and treatment options.

Anita has special expertise in hair and nail disorders and only sees conditions of the hair at Stratum Dermatology Clinic Cheltenham. Her day surgery lists for specialist hair and nail clinics, are held at Gloucester Royal Hospital. She undertakes private practice at the Nuffield Hospital, Cheltenham and Stratum Clinics Cheltenham. Currently, Anita lives in Cheltenham with her husband, an orthopaedic surgeon, and two daughters.

Through her initial training with Dr David De Berker, Anita gained an interest in hair and nail conditions that she has since developed. She has gained an international perspective on her work through her sabbatical with Professor Rodney Sinclair (Melbourne) and Professor Bertrand Richert (Brussels) and her attendance at specialised conferences, such as the International Summit on Nail Diseases in Greece, the World Congresses for Hair Research in Japan and in Barcelona.

Dr Takwale is also involved in education and research, having been an invited speaker for multiple local, regional, and national educational meetings. In addition, she hosted the first National Nail Education day in 2017.

If you would like to arrange am appointment in regards to a hair condition at Stratum Clinic Cheltenham with Doctor Takwale to discuss your hair loss, please fill in our enquiry form or give us a call. To find out more about Anita Takwale and her work, visit her personal website here.


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