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Laser Hair Removal in Cheltenham.

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In our Cheltenham clinic, we use the Elite laser for laser hair removal treatment. This laser system is suitable for all skin types. It is used for laser hair removal and a range of skin issues such as veins and pigmented lesions on the skin. Using the Elite laser, actively growing hair follicles will be permanently destroyed, giving permanent hair reduction. This is not always the case with some laser hair removal systems.

Most areas on the body and face can be treated with lasers for permanent hair removal: , legs, arms, underarms, chin, upper lip, cheeks, legs and back. It is also perfect for sensitive areas like the ears, nose, chest and bikini line.

Our experts are medically trained and supported by consultant dermatologists. Before your treatment begins, you’ll need a consultation and patch test to ensure you are suitable for treatment and allow your skin expert to recommend the best course of treatment for your individual needs.


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Laser hair removal works to remove hair by using a light source to destroy the hair. Light is directed on to the skin which is then absorbed by the melanin pigments in the hair. The absorption of the light causes the hair follicle to heat up. By using the correct amount of light energy which heats the follicle to the correct temperature, the heat is able to interrupt the hair growth cycle causing the hair to stop growing. Actively growing hair follicles will be permanently destroyed, so that the end result is permanent hair reduction.

A course of treatment is required to see the desired results because hair grows in cycles, so not all the hair will be targeted during one single treatment session. Results are usually seen between four to six sessions but this is dependent on the thickness of the hair being removed, as well as the skin type and hair colour. During your consultation and patch test, your treatment plan will be discussed. Laser hair removal also requires some patience as results aren’t often seen until two or three weeks after your first treatment.


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Visit the clinic in Cheltenham – our skin experts will carry out a thorough consultation to help understand your needs and answer any questions you may have. They will also perform a simple patch test to ensure suitability for treatment.


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Stratum Dermatology Clinics treat many patients who suffer excess hair and hair in unwanted places (hirsutism) because of hormonal issues, polycystic ovary syndrome and other less obvious causes.

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Our trusted experts use some of the best technology to deliver safe, long lasting results for people wanting hair removal.


Can anyone have Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types, your hair just needs to be dark enough to attract the laser. At Stratum Dermatology clinics we offer laser hair removal for men and women.

Is Laser Hair Removal safe?

Laser hair removal at the Stratum Dermatology Clinics is safe. We work with leading experts in the field of dermatology to ensure you have the best experience and treatment. Stratum clinics are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, are part of the British Association of Dermatologists and are top rated by patients on Doctify.

How long does Laser Hair Removal last?

We recommend a course of at least 8 treatments of laser hair removal to get the desired results, however this depends on your hair type. During your free consultation your treatment options and recommended course length will be discussed. The treatment can produce permanent hair reduction of up to 90%.

What areas of hair can I remove with Laser Hair Removal?

Hair removal lasers are able to remove hair anywhere on the body where the hair has enough pigment to attract the laser light. Brief pulses of light energy damage the follicles preventing hair growth. The most common areas for hair removal include sensitive areas such as the face, underarms and bikini line, to larger areas such as the arms, legs and back.

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

Laser hair removal isn’t described as painful but more like an elastic band flick. As your treatments go on, this feeling will lessen as there are fewer hair follicles to target. During your free consultation, you will have a patch test where you will be able to feel the sensation of the lasers before treatment starts.


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When having laser hair removal, it is vital that the person conducting the treatment is both qualified and experienced, as well as the facilities you are having the treatment in are clean and safe. By choosing to have laser hair removal at Stratum Dermatology Clinic Cheltenham, you can be sure on all of the above.

Located in the heart of Cheltenham, Stratum Dermatology Clinics Cheltenham is ideally located if you are looking for Laser Hair Removal in Gloucestershire or Worcestershire. In easy reach from Tewkesbury, Ledbury and Hereford, we are here to provide you with effective acne treatments.

We work with leading experts in the field of dermatology to ensure you have the best experience and treatment. Stratum clinics are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, are part of the British Association of Dermatologists and are top rated by patients on Doctify. Both Stratum Dermatology Clinics and the consultants who work here are recognised by the main healthcare insurance providers.

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Dr Friedmann is a UK-trained Dermatologist who trained at King’s College School of Medicine, London. He has worked at many of London’s teaching hospitals including King’s College, St Georges, Hammersmith, Barts and the London and the Royal Free Hospitals.Dr Friedmann is Chief Medical Officer of The Dermatology Partnership and Clinical Director of the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic.

With more than a decade’s experience in the field, Dr Friedmann has conducted and published research on skin cancer at the Melanoma Institute in Sydney, Australia and has been a consultant since 2008.

Dr Friedmann consults on all general dermatology in both adults and children, and will treat conditions such as acne, eczema, allergy and psoriasis. His special interests include emergency dermatology, skin cancer, moles and blistering conditions.


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