Free Mole Checking Reminder Service.

If you’ve had one of our skin cancer screening and mole checks, you’ll know how important regularly checking your moles is. While we recommend you have a full check up every year, you can also check your own (and family and friends) each month with the simple ABCDE guide.

With moles, a change needs a check

We know it can be difficult to remember to do this every month and the industry guidelines are quite hard to remember.

To make it easy for you, we’ve set up a free service for everyone, not just our patients.

Sign up to the service today and each month you will be sent an email reminding you to check your moles following the standard guidelines of ABCDE.

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No spam guarantee, we will only send you one email, once a month.

Advice from the British Association of Dermatologists is to check your moles once a month (don’t worry, we’ll remind you) and to look at your moles for asymmetry, their border, the colour of your moles, the size and whether they are changing.

Haven’t had your moles checked by a professional in the last 18 months? Click here to learn more about skin cancer screening and mole checks at Stratum Clinics.

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