Dr Atessa Assim

Specialist Dermatologist
GMC: 7037261
Dr. Atessa Assim is a highly experienced and well-respected dermatologist, with extensive clinical and diagnostic experience in a wide range of roles. As a skilled surgeon, she has conducted over 6000 operations and has proven herself as the surgical lead time and time again. In addition to her exemplary clinical skills, Dr. Assim is exceptionally committed to delivering exceptional care to her patients and consistently exceeds their expectations. Her sterling reputation is evident in the high ratings that she receives from both patients and colleagues alike. With a long history of successful employment at various NHS posts, Dr. Assim is an outstanding physician who can be trusted to deliver exceptional results.

Furthermore, Dr. Assim is well-known for having a deep understanding of the full range of clinical techniques, including surgery, cryotherapy, and lasers. Her reliability and commitment to delivering top notch care make her a valuable member of any healthcare team she works with. This is reflected in the long-term appointments she has held at various NHS posts throughout her career thus far.

Whether you are facing skin conditions that require sophisticated diagnostic or treatment services or simply interested in high-quality preventative measures like cosmetic procedures, Dr. Assim would be an ideal choice for your healthcare needs. With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, she is sure to exceed your expectations in delivering outstanding dermatological care tailored specifically to you and your unique circumstances.

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