Botulinum Toxin

The use of botulinum toxin injections to soften the appearance of movement associated facial lines has been the fastest growing aesthetic treatment of recent years.

The treatment of facial lines has developed based on the use of the toxin to treat conditions such as squints and muscle spasm and it is generally very effective and undoubtedly safe. The toxin works by preventing the nerve control of muscle fibres. It blocks the nerve where the signal transmits to the muscle so the muscle no longer contracts.

The effect develops over 3-4 days and persists for about four months whilst new nerves develop to bypass the block. In many situations, if placed injudiciously, it is almost too effective and it may give an unnatural appearance. Our aim when using botulinum toxin at Stratum Clinics is to enhance natural beauty by softening the effects of facial movement and not to paralyse all movement.

We also offer botulinum toxin injections to stop excessive sweating – hyperhidrosis. This a very effective treatment although the period for which the sweating is controlled varies from commonly around four months to up to a year in a lucky few. There are other treatment options which may be considered and these would be discussed at the initial consultation.