Acne and Acne Scarring

Acne continues to blight people’s lives despite the availability of excellent treatments. For many acne is a passing nuisance but for others the disease leaves significant scarring which can cause great concerns. Our dermatologists at Stratum Clinic have considerable experience not only in the management of acne in children and adults but also in the assessment and treatment of acne scarring. Very often it is appropriate to adopt a wait and see policy as natural healing processes will often resolve many concerns but when necessary we can offer surgical scar revision for particularly deep, depressed or irregular scars, intralesional steroid injections for hypertrophic or keloidal scars, Cynergy Multiplex Laser treatment to reduce post inflammatory redness Cynosure CO2RE Laser fractional resurfacing to improve uneven skin texture and intradermal fillers for soft edged, stretchable scars. We will often recommend a staged approach over a period of time where each stage will produce some improvement and together they will produce a worthwhile, sustained improvement. Our philosophy is to explain the treatments options in your case and help you to decide the best programme for you.