Capillary Malformations (Port Wine Stains)

Dr Neil Walker has had an interest in treating these birthmarks since the early 1980’s having been one of the first dermatologists in the UK to become interested in the applications of lasers for treating skin diseases. 

At Stratum Clinic, Oxford we have a Cynergy Multiplex Laser which allows for the synchronised delivery of pulses from a pulsed dye laser and a long-pulsed Nd-YAG laser. The treatment is painful and usually patients have a topical local anaesthetic applied for a minimum of 30 minutes beforehand. Other forms of anaesthesia/analgesia can be used if necessary. A series of treatments are required and whilst it is unusual for capillary malformations to disappear completely it is usually possible to produce a significant lightening and more importantly in many cases minimise or eliminate the thickening and other changes which may develop in time. This laser system can also be used to treat capillary angiomas (strawberry marks), spider naevi and telangiectasia.