Laser Assisted Hair Removal

Ingrowing hairs, recurrent pilonidal sinus or simply unsightly or unwanted terminal hair may all be treated by lasers or IPLs.

The treatment works best for dark hair on pale skin but dark hair on darker skin types may be treated with care. The treatment is carried out using the Cynosure Elite Laser and relies on the absorption of the laser light by the pigment in the hair shaft to produce a rise in temperature to damage the follicle.

Treatment is painful and may require a topical local anaesthetic to make it tolerable. We use the Zimmer CRYO Forced Air Cooling System for this and other laser treatments to help relief discomfort. The outcome depends on a number of variables and can’t be guaranteed. We will treat assessment areas if appropriate and only proceed with a treatment programme if the outcome of these is satisfactory.

We normally expect patients to require three ‘induction’ treatments at 6-8 week intervals and three ‘consolidation’ treatments at 3 monthly intervals. This spreads the treatment out over a year at the end of which, in appropriate cases, there is an 80% chance of achieving an 80% reduction in hair growth. Thereafter maintenance treatments can be undertaken as necessary. In patients for whom laser assisted hair reduction isn’t appropriate we can advise on other hair control measures which may be of benefit.