Skin Rejuvenation

In most instances the changes we see on the skin and associate with ageing are related to sun exposure over the years.

There is no doubt we all generally welcome sunshine and warmth and ultraviolet light is essential for vitamin D production. The adverse effects of sunlight are related in part to the damage ultraviolet B rays cause to the DNA in the growing layers of the skin and the damage the more deeply penetrating ultraviolet A rays cause to the structure of the supporting layers. At one extreme these effects lead to the development of pre malignant and malignant changes and at the other there may be subtle changes in pigmentation, appearance of surface blood vessels (telangiectasia) and a general loss of skin tone. Our doctors at Stratum Clinics will be able to assess your skin carefully and advise on the suitability of a range of treatments from simply getting into a better routine of sun protection and avoidance more suited to your skin type, perhaps supplemented by the use of topical tretinoin, through options such as Intense Pulsed Light photorejuvenation and chemical peels, to Syneron CO2RE Laser fractionated resurfacing. One of the common issues with ageing changes is loss of facial shape and volume and the use of materials such as Sculptra and hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers (i.e. Restylane) can soften these changes without producing an unnatural look. Venus skin treatments can be very helpful and safe in these circumstances. Botulinum toxin injections are particularly useful in certain areas to soften movement associated lines. We will advise you on the possible treatment options for your skin changes and help you to plan a programme of treatment to produce an enhancement (‘you look very well’) without promoting questions amongst family and friends (‘what on earth have you been up to?!’).